Developing the Next Generation of Soccer Stars
Servicing Plainfield, Romeoville, Bolingbrook, Naperville, Joliet, Oswego, Yorkville, Shorewood, Minooka & surrounding communities.
The Spring 2020 season will consist of 8 games. First game will begin April 18 & last game will be June 6.
All games are played on Sunday between 10:30am - 1pm.
5 v 5 consists of 4 field players and 1 goalkeeper. There will be 9 player roster max per team.
Our recreational league is open to boys & girls ages 6-14. (8th graders can sign up)
This is a COED League.
All games are played at Eagle Point Elementary School.
Kids who play for a Club Travel Team will not be able to participate in our 5 v 5 recreational program.

We will try to accomodate requests for specific practice days, times and locations however, we cannot guarantee this. Requesting a specific coach will not guarantee placement with that coach. Enter your request under the COMMENT box when you are registering. Also, please enter days your child may not be able to practice during the week.

Cost is $120 per player. This will include a jersey. Payment can be made by credit card or check and mailed. All Credit Card payments will have a $5 additional charge. All checks are made out to Olympic Soccer Academy. Detail info is available at the registration section. Due to scheduling, team planning and administration time, no refunds will be issued 2 weeks prior to the start of the 1st game or after.
If cancelling prior to the 2 week mark, a refund minus a $30 fee will be issued. It takes significant effort to assign players on the team.

Ages 6 - 7: 4 quarters/10 min per quarter
Ages 8 - 9: 4 quarters/12 min per quarter
Ages 10-11: 4 quarters/12 min per quarter
Ages 12 - 14: 2 halves/25min per half

End of quarters will have 1 minute break.
5 minute halftime.

Olympic Soccer Academy will provide a game jersey for all players. Players are required to wear black shorts & black socks. ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR SHIN GUARDS. Soccer cleats (no front toe cleat) or gym shoes are to be worn. For player safety, players may either wear prescription sports goggles or sports goggles over regular glasses. Regular eye glasses alone are not allowed to be worn. There will be no wearing of jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, watches), hard casts and any items deemed harmful by the referees.

Our 5 v 5 recreational soccer league is coached by volunteer parents and also High School Team Olympic Players. Players who have parents willing to coach will move to the top of our registration list. Olympic Soccer Academy provides training programs for parents/adult volunteers interested in coaching. We hope you will consider helping our 5 v 5 Recreational Soccer Program by coaching or volunteering. If interested, there is a section in the online registration program to select volunteer/coach.

A free clinic will be held by USSF licensed coaches for all the recreational players.
This will give the volunteer coaches some great drills to conduct during practice and a great session for all kids.

Your child’s coach will contact you by phone or email regarding practice/game schedule/ and more info after the coach's meeting. The Coach meeting will be held sometime at the end of April 2020.

If games are cancelled due to weather, we will make up games by including double headers on Sundays, extend a week and/or play on a weeknight. If multiple Sundays are cancelled due to weather, some games may not be made up.

Bad Weather
Weather is unpredictable and causes cancellations of practices & games. Cancelled practices/games can be caused by consistent rain/snow, poor field condition, lightning, thunder, temperatures over 96 degrees & temperatures under 36 degrees. There will be no credits or refunds when practices are cancelled. Most games will be made up and if 1 or 2 games are not made up, there are no credits or refunds.